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Crappie love swim jigs! This 2 1/4 inch Mr. Crappie® Krappie Kicker is designed with a micro skirt and a Slabalicious™ body with lots of action and spear shaped head for penetrating through heavy cover and grass. Comes in 1/8 oz. (MRCSJ18) and 1/4 oz. (MRCSJ14) sizes with an Eagle Claw® Light Wire Platinum Black Hook.

MRCSJ18 / MRCSJ14-183
Tuxedo Black/Chartreuse

MRCSJ18 / MRCSJ14-186
Refrigerator White

MRCSJ18 / MRCSJ14-192
Electric Lime

MRCSJ18 / MRCSJ14-193
Cajun Cricket

MRCSJ18 / MRCSJ14-227
Monkey Shine